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Tiffany Hsu
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@nytimes advertising and marketing reporter. Morning person. Fluent in geek. Tips:, DM for Signal
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Prosecutors on the Jeffrey Epstein case owe a lot to @jkbjournalist, the Miami Herald reporter who accumulated so m…
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From @Mctaguej
@tiffkhsu @nytimesbusiness @jkbjournalist Story tells me something about the newsrooms of today that I had only hea…
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From @libertariat
@tiffkhsu @jkbjournalist Yeah, go @jkbjournalist! What?! Who? Mike @Cernovich? Never heard of him. It was all this lady....
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Cernovich blocked me over pointing out he can't figure out Trump "wall" & other plans he's hyped are vaporware. He's an intellectually & emotionally weak snowflake. MT @libertariat [responds to NYT mythologizing a reporter by mythologizing Cernovich]
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.@Mctaguej: those like @tiffkhsu mythologizing paid hacks is probably part of the reason why the vast majority of Americans don't trust the media. What's the toughest third rail policy question a paid hack has ever really pressed a politician on?