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Sinéad McSweeney ☂🦉
Adoring mother of one and VP, Public Policy, Twitter EMEA. MD of the @twitterdublin crew. Board member @lustforlife
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From @vijaya
Christmas gifts should come with on call tech support
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From @smcs
@vijaya I hear you!!!
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From @DewsburyHello
@smcs @vijaya Iam my Mother’s, our extended family, our neighbors and everyone within a 50km radius tech support. #ChristmasDuties
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@DewsburyHello: hi Holly. @smcs & other Twitter execs lie to millions of their users via ghosting. #Facebook does something similar, intentionally deceiving their users. Do you two ever worry your friends & neighbors might find out you lie to millions of people?