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Travis Bone
Los Angeles, CA
Executive Producer for The Stephanie Miller Show. Pop culture/political junkie in my spare time and geeking awesome 24/7
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From @TheRealTBone
This is probably the stupidest story since his crowd size on inauguration day.... And I am here for every minute o…
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From @mlawlor11
@TheRealTBone @MalcolmNance This is from a SouthWest Florida Water Management District map.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@mlawlor11: @TheRealTBone hypes #SharpieGate. I had a site (which I let go due to lack of interest) with *tough* *policy* questions for Trump: I wanted him/his proxies to really be pressed on their policies on video for Youtube. Which plan is smart & patriotic?