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Ryan Hill
MIT Economics PhD student ON THE JOB MARKET and researching science and innovation. Living that dad life.
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From @politicory
It's tax season! That means, once again, I get to be a weirdo & pay the MA voluntary extra tax #statecapacity cc…
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From @RyanReedHill
@politicory @otis_reid bold move. I'm interested that you chose to donate to MA tax coffers and not a charity of your choice. Thoughts?
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From @politicory
@RyanReedHill @otis_reid I also do! This just lets me express my patriotism which is tied to a belief in the power of government to do good
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@politicory: 3 docs per 100,000 Somalis. If you were in Somalia, what would you think of @otis_reid & #ImmigrantDocs trying to harm you?