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Jake Smith
Big Football guy. 3x State Champ. CCHS 2020. My opinions on sports and other stuff
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From @NFL
Another takeaway for the @ChicagoBears defense! @RoquanSmith1 INTERCEPTION. #Bears100 : #CHIvsLAR on NBC : NFL…
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From @Thejakesmith_
@NFL @ChicagoBears @RoquanSmith1 Jared Goff got his contract and dipped
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Thejakesmith_: @NFL & kneeball in general are culturally toxic. Big baby players, some criminals. Some/many are hostile to many of their fans (BLM). Plus, it's a joke of a sport. Real football has constant actions & players thinking for themselves, not just meat puppets.