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Marilinda Garcia
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Former State Legislator. National Spokesperson @LIBREInitiative. Cyberpolicy @AxonCyberops Harpist for life!
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Serious question: Did @SenScottBrown @Walt4NH @MarilindaGarcia @frankguinta applaud cruel remarks too? → #nhpolitics
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@NHDems @SenScottBrown @Walt4NH @MarilindaGarcia @frankguinta The bus was still parked outside when the remarks were made. Out of earshot.
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.@carolrobidoux: want a viral video and maybe lots of job offers? Ask Shaheen or Brown a very tough question:
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.@MarilindaGarcia: re "America needs a firm, fair immigration policy" you oppose "amnesty". What's max # of illegal aliens you'd legalize?