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Conservation | Ecology | Humanism | Quantum Physics | Space Exploration | Philosophy & Theology | #HomeChef | Hate Rabid Fundamentalists
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From @Rita_Banerji
Why would the Indian government, use the force of threats, to push its entire citizenry into #Aadhaar when this kin…
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From @terence_fdes
@Rita_Banerji #AadharMustGo #Aadhar_Is_Unconstitutional #BanAadhar Bio-metric Data Profiling of citizens is one of…
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From @Rita_Banerji
@terence_fdes Just to let you know your reply does not show on my TL as most replies, RTs & follows don't. I have h…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Rita_Banerji: back in May I pointed you to my top tweet & the reports showing how heavily Twitter censors all kinds of users. If you can find a reporter to cover that you can help stop their censorship. Will you help with that?