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Joe Sanberg
Los Angeles, CA
Mission: #EndPoverty! Chair & Champion of @CalEITC4Me; Co-Founder @Aspiration; He/Him; Instagram:
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From @MarcieBianco
I would love to see my deeply compassionate and fiercely intelligent friend @JosephNSanberg jump into the 2020 pres…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@MarcieBianco: while we definitely need the "intersectional analysis of wealth inequity and poverty" of @JosephNSanberg, one of the key reasons for poverty is NeoLiberal policies (free trade, loose borders, globalism). Since the LATimes hypes him, he's 110% NeoLiberal.
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From @latimes
Sanberg’s anti-poverty prescription would include Medicare for All, which he said would spur entrepreneurialism by…
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From @VetrepreneurOne
@latimes @JosephNSanberg You must include a #GuaranteedLivableIncome [#GLI] or #UBI in your #AntiPoverty #Agenda, o…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@VetrepreneurOne: a #GuaranteedLivableIncome [#GLI] or #UBI won't do anyone any good if Big Biz is allowed to balloon the labor supply via mass legal/illegal #immigration. You can't fight supply & demand. Ask @JosephNSanberg how much he'd increase the labor supply by.
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From @JosephNSanberg
Whether or not I run for President, we have to fight Poverty as it’s experienced in real life. When nearly 8 out of…
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From @Twocsanimallove
@JosephNSanberg I'm have a master's degree and struggle financially every single day. I may have a roof over my hea…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Twocsanimallove: your $ issues are because our elites - & wannabes like @JosephNSanberg - have taken NeoLiberal policies (loose borders, free trade, globalism) as their religion. Anyone who dissents is an apostate. Fight Koch-style policies, don't enable those who push them.