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.@TeamUSA: a great, relateable #Olympics event would be trail running. *NOT* on a groomed fire road. I mean steep, narrow, loose, non-groomed use trails. Stagger runners, use drone cams. Maybe have 2nd/3rd class rock. Eg: up west side of Strawberry Peak & down east side.
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.@MikeTirico: because #NBC doesn't support American sports, I have to use a UK IP so I can watch @TeamUSA on the BBC. That's also where I had to watch #soccer from Brazil the last time NBC f'ed up the #Olympics.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@teamusa: everyone on the #USA curling team is from Wisconsin or Minnesota. Where's the geographic diversity? When will you have one of the many champion curlers from Hawaii?? We demand diversity!!! #TheResistance