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Democracy and the rule of law must prevail. Trump & GOP are compromised and owned by Russia and Saudi. Educate yourself on facts, not lies. VOTE VOTE #resist
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"@realDonaldTrump's unhinged tweets & press outbursts are a manifestation of what feels a lot like desperation...Bu…
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From @SalannB1
@kurtbardella @joncoopertweets @realDonaldTrump @NBCNewsTHINK Nixon was like this. The paranoia is starting to set in, too.
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From @TBoyMB
@kurtbardella @realDonaldTrump @NBCNewsTHINK Boom. Truth #ImpeachTrump
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Putin's smart enough to use Trump's ego to get what he wants. Why can't Kurt, #TheResistance, etc? Hint: it's two letters. MT @SalannB1 [...relives Watergate...] MT @kurtbardella [blogs "Trump's impeachment tantrums reveal a fragile ego obsessed with saving his legacy"]
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.@TBoyMB: @kurtbardella has IDed Trump's ego & emotional issues as one of his great vulnerabilities. But - unlike Putin, Erdogan, etc. - Kurt simply isn't smart enough to take advantage of it to get what he wants. Your leaders are your problem.