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Jimena Tavel
Miami, Florida, USA
Catracha 🇭🇳, tica 🇨🇷 y cubana 🇨🇺. Periodista @elnuevoherald, journalist @miamiherald. 📩 @fgcu & @uf. 🎓 #SaveStudentNewsrooms
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The numbers: 20 feet tall pumped w/ 1,200 cubic feet of helium can cost up to $1,000 to inflate democrats r…
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From @pechi31
@taveljimena @samanthajgross The IMPORTANT numbers: Consumer spending and GDP surpassed Wall Street expectations r…
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.@pechi31: none of the @taveljimena replies actually said anything. Point out to her fan(s) she's obsessing over a balloon rather than doing real reporting by challenging politicians on the flaws in their plans. She's not a real journalist.