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Writer for hire Film Producer. Student of empathy World citizen Celebrating art in all its forms Figuring things out & practicing joy
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From @selectedwisdom
Agree with @intelwire, probably a good thing, it’s the social media version of “community policing” - Twitter Is Go…
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From @eighthdayarts
@selectedwisdom @intelwire @Kantrowitz Also, what's to keep people or bots from massive "block" attacks to effectively silence someone?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@eighthdayarts: @selectedwisdom calls Twitter censorship "community policing" & you just worry how it would be implemented. I like it better in the original Russian. #Twitter heavily censors pro-NN tweets to AJit Pai, anti-Pruitt tweets, etc. You 2 fully support that. #resist