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Habitual professional do-gooder with a random personal life, a love of concerts and the outdoors. And happy hour. Colorado has great happy hours.
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From @Mediaite
Katy Tur Brutally Grills Trump Adviser Over Biden Claims: 'Why is Ivanka is Getting Copyrights in China?'
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From @susanec
@Mediaite Patents for voting machines. We need way, way more information.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Tur & Mediaite = Hannity. Like them, he trades in "hypocrisy!" claims but he can't show opponents' policies wrong. Clickbait is Trump's friend. MT @susanec [to pathetic @Mediaite blog that @KatyTurNBC "Brutally Grills Trump Adviser"] We need way, way more information.