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Associate Professor of Sociology | Coffee | Bulldogs | Vinyl | Baseball | Metalhead | Bearded | Author of Policing and Social Media
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From @hayleymiller01
ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox and NBC all neglected to give E. Jean Carroll's rape allegation against Trump significant air ti…
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From @hayleymiller01
This is the type of omission that leads people to declare "nothing will happen" every time a woman accuses the pres…
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From @sundaysociology
@hayleymiller01 And when they speak up media and politicians erase survivors of sexual violence from their own stor…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@sundaysociology: @hayleymiller01 bemoans TV shows not reflexively believing highly questionable charges. She'd deny 100s of years of legal precedence. People like her have instigated lynch mobs in the not-so-distant past.