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REGISTER MY GUNS - with MY cold dead hands. CONFISCATE MY GUNS - with YOUR cold dead hands. #2A #NRA Legal #Immigrant #MAGA #לעולםלאעוד
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New study finds the majority of green card applicants are dependent on public assistance?
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From @M0L0NL4BE
@JessicaV_CIS THAT IS A LIE. You cannot get a green-card without a sponsoring US citizen providing an affidavit of…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@M0L0NL4BE: see the Daily Caller interview where Trump hypes joining with Dems to pass "comprehensive immigration reform" (ie, amnesty). @jessicav_cis worked in WH & could have stopped that w/ anti-amnesty arguments tailored to Trump's personal issues. She lacks the patriotism.