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Mom, Wife, #WinBlue Strategist. Co-Founder, CFO: @DemsWork4USA. Strategic grassroots activism. Support #DemPartyPlatform. Help elect Democrats. Like,RT≠Endorse
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From @MikeLevinCA
I recently passed three bipartisan bills in the House to support our veterans. These bills will help with vetera…
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From @100Concerned
@MikeLevinCA @SuMoh7 McConnell has stood in the way of over 100 bills meant for all Americans will McConnell block…
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From @ABonnieMarie
@MikeLevinCA Do any of these bills address the 180 day hiring freeze which penalizes lower ranking enlisted militar…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@ABonnieMarie: not only that, @MikeLevinCA cheers the anti-American DREAM Act. It'd add 2 million new legal workers to the labor supply, lowering wages for vets & other workers. It'd also increase competition for finite college slots & discounts. Plus, it'd braindrain MX etc.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@100Concerned: the anti-American DREAM Act @MikeLevinCA isn't meant for "all Americans", it's a huge giveaway to Big Biz. Who profits from adding 2 million new legal workers to the labor supply as Levin wants?