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Sue Gardner
San Francisco, CA
Internet do-gooder; many affiliations. Why women leave tech + 101 studies
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From @NewsbySchmidt
Learn more about @team_markup from @juliaangwin, @suepgardner, and @thejefflarson:
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.@NewsbySchmidt: go to a Parscale reply page & scroll down to the "LowQuality" section behind a "Show more replies" link. You'll find plenty of censored libs. IOW, Parscale/Trump/Breitbart are lying. What are the chances @team_markup will call them on that? I say 0.001%.
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From @team_markup
We are small but growing. We are @JuliaAngwin @thejefflarson @suepgardner @k4_713 @SuryaMattu @lkirchner @tenuous…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@team_markup: @JuliaAngwin gets few replies but Twitter censors some of them. Twitter heavily censors replies to Trump officials from both libs and cons. See the reports at my pinned tweet (incl one on Angwin) for real data. Will you help expose what Twitter actually does?
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From @SuePGardner
I just donated in support of @SunFoundation wheeeeee!
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@SuePGardner: the name "Politwoops" says it all. Gaffes are kid stuff. If you want to hold pols accountable help w/