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Kevin Cate
Florida, USA
Progressive consultant & ad maker @CATECOMM. 🎥 @TomSteyer + @AndrewGillum @NikkiFried @CharlieCrist & more. Former @BarackObama spox.|
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From @benfgerdes
Nevada come thru! 1,000 people tonight for our surprise rally in the Silver State. #SteyerSurge
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From @ElectProject
@benfgerdes @KevinCate Steyer is a smart guy. He needs to do a little learning on how to deliver a speech. The "my…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@ElectProject: @TomSteyer is much worse. His impeachment crusade has made Trump as popular as ever. He thinks this is a democracy. He pushes exec orders as Trump does; they'd fail like Trump's. He admits he engaged in discrimination. He pushes very pro-Big Biz immigration ideas.
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From @KevinCate
6 days out from Iowa, the #SteyerSurge is at it’s highest point since @MorningConsult started polling early states.…
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From @cenk_is_a_ten
@KevinCate @TomSteyer @MorningConsult This has you averaging 1.9%
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From @esoterically60
@cenk_is_a_ten @KevinCate @TomSteyer @MorningConsult I want that to be the case but not in public yet. Maybe internal?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@esoterically60: if you *really* want Steyer to lose, start a campaign to get him asked the questions in my latest post. @KevinCate wouldn't be able to respond.
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From @24aheaddotcom
.@KevinCate: @MarcACaputo blocked me for calling him on not doing real reporting: I'm sure you realize that's wrong.