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Dr. James Phillips, MD
Washington, DC
CNN Medical Analyst | Section Chief Disaster Medicine, GWU Ermegency Medicine | Fellow Center for Cyber & Homeland Security | ELBI | Medical Dir. Camp Taji Iraq
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It is time for the federal government to use its powers to convert factories over to PPE, Medical Supply, and venti…
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MSM recently asked Trump to rank his response. If you're smart enough to be an MD, you know what he said & you know that question is worthless. MT @DrPhillipsMD It's time for fed govt to use its powers to convert factories over to PPE/Medical Supply/ventilator manufacturing...
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@DrPhillipsMD: your idea is good, but it relies on Trump's whims. The MSM has *never* made Trump better in any way. By enabling Don Lemon, you're part of the problem. MSM - incl you - must start *really pressing* Trump right now. I'll make it a CLM for those who won't.