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Stephen Lacey
Massachusetts, USA
Podcast obsessive. Founder & executive producer of Post Script Audio. Contributing editor, Greentech Media. I produce/host @TheEnergyGang & @InterchangeShow.
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From @eringriffith
every time a non-writer friend asks "how's work going??" i either stare at them with dead eyes or gush about how lu…
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From @fmanjoo
@eringriffith Omg this is so real. This is very good. Subject has “requests” is painfully true
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From @fmanjoo
@eringriffith Only quibble is for me assignment/idea at the start is the highest peak, no other point ever gets that high
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From @sushmaaaaaaaa
@fmanjoo @eringriffith Yes! Sometimes I think I like pitching and getting ideas approved more than I like writing and getting stories read.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@sushmaaaaaaaa: cute chart from @eringriffith. Has she ever told the truth about controversial topics like immigration & trade, or do we have to wait for a cutesy chart?
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From @SolarFred
@eringriffith @Stphn_Lacey Truths.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@SolarFred: FYI, @eringriffith blocked me over the 2nd tweet where I pointed out she isn't a credible source.