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Good 'ole US of A
#libertarian #proudTexan #StillRanding #MakeDCListen Visit the 10th Amendment center. Shrink government!
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From @NeilMunroDC
Wall St. Journal admits that Central American laborers and shopkeepers are hacking US asylum law by bringing childr…
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From @SthLibertarian
@NeilMunroDC @RMConservative @SheilaQ30
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@SthLibertarian: Trump told DailyCaller he's eager to work with Dems on amnesty. @NeilMunroDC, Binder, Pollak, etc of Breitbart all push amnesty as "patriotic". Trump is following the GWB model: talk tough on the border to get amnesty. GWB had flacks like Trump has Breitbart.