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Neil Munro
Washington D.C.
Born Irish, then a Cold War bridegroom. I worked at Defense News, Washington Technology, 10 years at National Journal, then TheDC, now Breitbart. Lucky me.
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.@NeilMunroDC: plz explain how #Breitbart & commenters can be pro-worker on your thread, anti-worker on @lucasnolan_ 's. Mental illness?
.@NeilMunroDC: at #Breitbart, you blog "31 Senators Call for More Foreign Workers to Replace Blue-Collar Americans". Commenters are outraged
.@NeilMunroDC: if Trump had just called for stringent screening w/o regard to region/religion in 2015, could he have forced Obama's hand?
.@NeilMunroDC: Trump doesn't even understand basic things, like what system of governance we have & that "nation of immigrants" is false.
.@NeilMunroDC: your "Left Protests While Trump Junks Obama’s Global Immigration Plan" is a bad joke because Trump helps pro-amnesty side.
.@NeilMunroDC: also, I was wondering what you thought of the #StopAmnestyChallenge: You have the guts to do that.
.@NeilMunroDC: 2008 bill Obama co-sponsored admitted illegal #immigration undermines living/working conditions:
.@NeilMunroDC: NRO has no plan to #StopObamasAmnesty. You're like someone who tweets a wreck w/o assisting rescue. #tcot #teaparty #sgp #gop
.@NeilMunroDC: what's the action plan to determine the cause of the #EVD68 outbreak? If you don't have one, does anyone else?
.@NeilMunroDC: I've written 100s of words, made videos showing Obama wrong on #immigration. Better idea: just help with that. #tcot #tgdn
.@NeilMunroDC: Obama said a specific category of #immigration enforcement isn't smart, not *all* isn't smart as you say. #teaparty #tcot
.@NeilMunroDC: I know it's the #DailyCaller, but aren't you better than to play to #Teaparty mouthbreathing? Obama didn't say what you said.
08/11: "reporters" run cover for Dick Durbin: Like MSM response to @neilmunrodc. #teaparty #tcot #tlot #OWS #sgp
@neilmunrodc: start lower, like w/ Jim Wallis, a Rep., etc. Discrediting one of them will send a message to the rest. #immigration #DREAMAct
@neilmunrodc: next time, ask one of my tougher questions: #immigration #DREAMAct #p2 #tlot #TopProg #Occupy
@neilmunrodc: thanks for trying to ask O a question, but it's not as good that you've become the story. Story should be #DREAMAct. #tcot #p2