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Stephen Stephan
Jacksonville, FL US
Constitutionalist - Part time Twitter DJ. Cold War U.S. Army Veteran. I share news and tweet music links. #Life, #Liberty & #Happiness is my mantra. #TEA
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MARC THIESSEN: How To Push Back On Obama’s Executive Amnesty….…
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.@DragonForce_One @stephenstephan: marcthiessen wants you to accept Obama's amnesty. Do you want that, or do you want to stop it entirely?
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.@stephenstephan: @jamespoulos floated an #immigration plan but just isn't smart enough to defend his ideas. He's not credible. #tcot #tgdn
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Mark Levin goes weak on amnesty: Call in & call him on it. @MaryDSheets1 @Dcarter888K @stephenstephan @Mrs_ESTMR