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Followed by @catturd2 @Harlan @ScottPresler @JacobAWohl @nickie_greer @Rockprincess818 @LeahRBoss @BlissTabitha @LindaSuhler @GaetaSusan GREAT people!!
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From @RobManess
Allowing 10,000 un-vetted Syrian refugees flood into our country won't end well for us. #lasen
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From @CvStryker
@RobManess I'm perplexed. Why is Obama "rushing" to bring in as many as possible before his departure? 70% or more are healthy men.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@CvStryker: FYI, @RobManess has no realistic plan to stop/reverse Obama's agenda. He's just leading people on. Please don't get tricked.