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Muscles McSexington
New York, USA
Fascist Libertarian, Lazy Gym Rat With Poor Eating Habits, Underachieving Intellectual
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From @juliakmarsh
Mayor de Blasio continues trash talking @HillaryClinton on his 2nd day in Iowa, saying in Des Moines today: "I thin…
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From @StArminante
@juliakmarsh @HillaryClinton @nypmetro He is beyond delusional. New Yorkers hate him from both sides, they just vot…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@StArminante: before de Blasio won, I devised a smart plan to stop him. The @juliakmarsh / r/w plan that stopped him must have been smarter, since it was so effective. Right?