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Karen Bennett
Philadelphia, PA
Freelance writer, editor. Bylines ad infinitum. Former adjunct instructor: NYU, New School U. Poet. Blogger. Democrat. Proud 🇮🇹🇺🇸
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From @travisakers
Tag your Twitter crush. Ready, go! p.s. If anyone gets married because of this, I get to perform the ceremony. Deal?
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From @KarenBeChirico
@travisakers Mine: girl-crushes: @AshaRangappa_ @JoyceWhiteVance @juliettekayyem @FarrahFazal @HillaryClinton…
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From @FarrahFazal
@KarenBeChirico @travisakers @AshaRangappa_ @JoyceWhiteVance @juliettekayyem @HillaryClinton @djrothkopf @images…
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From @KarenBeChirico
@FarrahFazal @travisakers @images Farrah, thank you for alerting me to so many things I might have missed; for you…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@KarenBeChirico: @FarrahFazal says worthless un-journalism - a blog about Liz Warren meeting a look alike - is "great". Actually, it's horrific: all pols need to be really pressed with tough question about policy. Not fluff dreamed up by PR hacks.