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Simon Donner
Climate scientist, writer, speaker, listener. Works at the University of British Columbia, contributes to the IPCC, but views here are mine.
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From @simondonner
There are a lot of questions in my timeline about why scientists are so confident that humans are resonating for cl…
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From @EC_Kosters
@simondonner @KHayhoe Yes, she does, eloquently. Yet today I once again got trapped in a “debate” with some deniers…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Neither of you have ever made a convincing case, as reality shows. That's why you have to use smears like "deniers". Name a smart belieber. MT @EC_Kosters Yet today I once again got trapped in a "debate" with some deniers... MT @simondonner [CC is real because I say so]