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Matt Hartman
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Freelance News Photojournalist, AP Freelance Photographer, Aerospace Photographer, FLICKR,
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From @sarahparvini
I wrote about the fan mail I get telling me to "go back" to where I came from. Once, a reader told me “In America,…
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From @ReporterClaudia
@sarahparvini Well done!
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From @ShorealoneFilms
@ReporterClaudia @sarahparvini HA! nice… Well Done!
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@ReporterClaudia: as a "reporter" you should recognize that @sarahparvini is just trying to get on the victimhood train despite not really being that Oppressed. And, she does it in the LAT, which covered up Villar's past with the racist, irredentist (look it up) group MEChA.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@ShorealoneFilms: sarahparvini is pretty low on the ol' Oppression Scale, isn't she? Ironically, she seeks her 15 mins in a source that covered up for Villar's involvement in a racist, irredentist group even *after* Villar had renounced the group: