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Ready to win #YangGang #HumanityFirst
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From @cmclymer
"No individual can be expected singlehandedly to solve this problem. It's going to require national action. And by…
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From @__downsouth__
@cmclymer @PeteButtigieg is brilliant. So thoughtful and intelligent. OI love how he can answer any question with…
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From @mmckennakc
@cmclymer @oufenix @PeteButtigieg is my candidate.
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From @shay50803951
@cmclymer @andylassner I’m #YangGang but a fan of Pete, and I really like the dignity he brings to his candidacy.…
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.@__downsouth__: how would the Founding Fathers react to #ClimateTownHall? First, projectile vomiting. Then, they'd change the Constitution to make elections like trials, with candidates being cross-examined by experts on the flaws in their policies. Not CNN's fluff.
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.@mmckennakc: FYI, I'm recruiting people to go to @PeteButtigieg townhalls & ask him *tough* policy questions on video for Youtube. He does great in a safe space like #ClimateTownHall, but he won't do very good at all when questioned about the huge flaws in his policies.
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.@shay50803951: FYI, cmclymer blocked me for pointing out how very pro-corporate she is. That's not the #YangWay.