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Carlos Curbelo
Miami, Florida
Personal Acct. Husband, Dad, Catholic, Cuban parents, US REP for #FL26, GOP, UM gradx2, Miami-Dade School Board, Belen Jesuit
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.@carloslcurbelo: for 3 years, Trump has scammed 10s of millions. As soon as he's out of office, Congress will neglect or just tear down what little of his "wall" has been built. It's an unimplementable sham. No one with access will call him on it. Will you?
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.@NRCC Democrat Rep Called Out On National TV To Apologize To Voters » Shark Tank #sayfie #tcot @carloslcurbelo
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.@THESHARKTANK1: want a viral video that helps Curbelo win? Brave enough to ask Joe Garcia a question? Then do this:
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RT @SoleCedro: .@carloslcurbelo & @RepJoeGarcia are debating at #MiamiDadeCollege #Destino2014 sponsored by @LIBREinitiative…
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.@BrianFaughnan: I missed the debate. Who won?
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.@carloslcurbelo: if #Tsarnaev had been illegal aliens, would @MarcoRubio have legalized them? @JosephRRusso #Miami #Florida #FLGOP #GOP #p2