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Dallas, TX
A more renowned, informed, consciously aware individual. Viewing life through refined eyes. Army Ret SFC, wife, mother of 2 college graduates, work to travel.
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From @KellyannePolls
Congratulations and thank you @MickMulvaneyOMB for stepping up and stepping in to serve as Acting Chief of Staff fo…
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From @ShanDixy
@KellyannePolls @MickMulvaneyOMB @POTUS @WhiteHouse Loved ur husband tweet about oaths
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@ShanDixy: @KellyannePolls & Mulvaney are extremely vulnerable because they're big amnesty fans. KAC even got paid by Zuckerberg to deceive about amnesty! #MAGA would turn against them if they knew. Please explain why #TheResistance leaders aren't using that against them.