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USA: brave and free!
🇺🇸 Democratic republic or dystopia, what'll it be? 🗽 Vote. Register voters. Get out the vote. Protest peacefully. BE KIND. 🌊
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For more on this story, catch me on @CNN with @sbg1 tonight at 10:30(ish) and @hannah_natanson with @AlexWitt on…
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@JohnWoodrowCox @CNN @sbg1 @hannah_natanson @AlexWitt @MSNBC Chief Seattle said (possibly apocryphal), "We do not i…
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.@effie_persists: Trump's in the WWE Hall of Fame. Both he & his "opponents" (like @JohnWoodrowCox) are very WWE. Both are putting on a show to dupe people like you into supporting anti-American loose borders policies. Look beyond their rhetoric to the bottom line.