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Delight & conundrum with a proclivity for conflict & cuisine. Let’s improvise anew. Stoichiometric tautology. 🎲 🐾 america & allies my life my love
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From @jdawsey1
An only-in-Trump world subject line from the White House: "@marcshort45 responds to Charles Barkley on China/Hong Kong"
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From @GeeWillicker8
@jdawsey1 @marcshort45 What’s the over / under and who is collecting the vig
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From @24aheaddotcom_
What's Marc Short's biggest vulnerability to MAGA? Has Dawsey done anything to widen that gap? Dawsey's great for Trump: he's paid to ignore his biggest vulnerability. MT @GeeWillicker8 [cutesy, worthless quip] MT @jdawsey1 [cutesy, worthless quip about Marc Short]