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Saulus Sedai
Shayol Ghul
Above All Else: KYFHO
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From @JustinRaimondo
The Senate rules in their present form have nothing to do with Madison, or "Madisonian democracy," whatever that ma…
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From @SaulusSedai
@JustinRaimondo >> Everything terrible about Trump is what he MIGHT do, not what he does or has done. h/t Scott Adams
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From @JustinRaimondo
@SaulusSedai Bombing Syria, appointing McMaster, appointing Nikki Haley, and what about what he hasn't done. Where's the goddamn wall.?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@SaulusSedai: @JustinRaimondo enabled Trump, incl a fawning #LAT OpEd. Now he wonders why Trump's so bad when ppl like him created Trump.