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Dutch/German decent! Call me by my name. Conservative. Patriot. SAAF-Vet #ClassActionAsylum for South African Minorities
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.@Saamprater: with highest % out of workforce since 1978, @BishopWester wants even more competition for scarce jobs. #Catholic #immigration
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.@24AheadDotCom @Saamprater @BishopWester Well, the refugee racket does help pay the abuse settlement bills.
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.@Saamprater: if @BishopWester stood with his fellow citizens in difficult times, he'd push to get unemployed Americans working. #ows #tlot
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@24AheadDotCom @BishopWester "if"? Get job creators in USA and control those who leech on the system (Politicians included :-))
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MT @Saamprater make it easy for job creators to come to USA, there are millions of us// NL's own Sarah Palin. #immigration #tcot #ows #tlot