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Jonathan Torres
Tampa, FL
First generation American. Father. 🇨🇴 Colombian by blood, American by the grace of God. 🇺🇸 I’m not a playa, I just tweet a lot.
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From @rumpfshaker
Thanks @MedvedSHOW for having me on as a guest! Enjoyed it!
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From @JonnyTorres
@rumpfshaker @MedvedSHOW Very jealous. Michael is possibly the smartest guy in talk radio.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Medved said USA shouldn't try to excel in #soccer because of... American exceptionalism. For that reason & many more, he's just a dimbulb, milquetoast Coulter. #MAGA #resist MT @JonnyTorres Michael [as in @MedvedSHOW] is possibly the smartest guy in talk radio