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Racing at a NASCAR Track Near You
God 1st.Valedictorian.NASCAR DRIVER/YouTuber..The 1’s Who Put Me Last Gon Put Me 1st! Do Better, Be Better! I don’t discriminate any1 or God’s walk of life. ✊🏿
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From @Dodgers
Four more wins. Tomorrow, it begins. #WorldSeries
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From @FlashTheRacer
@Dodgers Let’s hope there’s a game love you guys.
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From @martini__shot
@FlashTheRacer @Dodgers You’ve got this, Dodgers!! #ILoveLA #Dodgers #WorldSeries
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@martini__shot: sad there's only 4 MLB games left this year & they're all going to be blowouts. Maybe @Dodgers can do the usual and join with MLB & Fox to black them out or hide them on channels few get to save them embarrassment. #Dodgers #WorldSeries