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Zarek Valentin
Portland, OR
Nike, Frugal and Deadstock Coffee athlete, Sneaker Aficionado, University of Akron alum and Oreo lover hailing from Amish country, Pennsylvania.
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"The outcome is worth the work and the struggle." @ZarekValentin shares his journey to finishing his degree that sp…
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.@MLSPlayersUnion @ZarekValentin: on a wider note, anyone who watches ESPN from mid-Dec to March 2 won't know about soccer if they blink. ESPN is more likely to show cornhole than soccer. Them marginalizing the sport harms fans, the sport, teams, leagues, & you.
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Don't throw things. MT @ZarekValentin Someone threw a Poutine at Ivanschitz... most Canadian thing I've seen & I love it #OhCanada #MLSCup