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Recovering bleeding heart.
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From @realjonlovitz
“@Rosebudd40: @realjonlovitz careful Jon. Lefties will send death threats and hate your way for backing Israel's right to defend” Fuck 'em
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From @GreeneBri
@realjonlovitz @Rosebudd40 I love when you talk politics. I'm glad not everyone in Hollywood is brainwashed
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From @realjonlovitz
@GreeneBri Thanks . Just putting my thoughts out on Twitter. It's interesting to hear people's opinions back.
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From @SimonTemplarPV
I'd love to see a joke off between @realjonlovitz & @Deanofcomedy (#Israel vs #Hamas): cc @DeanOfHamas @AaronWorthing
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From @24aheaddotcom
.@SimonTemplarPV: you probably won't grok this, but look up @Deanofcomedy fans, point out he can't/won't answer me: