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🔴⚪🔵😎 WINNING 💯PRESIDENT TRUMP🇺🇸 I am his Base. I never swayed. I never will.💯👌🕶. #SethRich #Wikileaks #IndependentForTrump #LockHerUp #LockObamaUp
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.@wmathison @ros_ke @TheBoodge66: are there lobby groups that try to keep dangerous refugees out of U.S. & Canada? Are they effective?
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From @BoodgeThe
@24AheadDotCom_ @wmathison @ros_ke Nah not in DC that are really effective with Omuzzer at the helm.Super pacs wont let them speak
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.@TheBoodge66 @wmathison @ros_ke: @NumbersUSA can speak out at any time. They spent $1,000,000 on ads. They just do things that don't work.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@TheBoodge66 @wmathison @ros_ke: if you're tired of Obama doing what he wants on #immigration, demand that NumbersUSA gets competent.