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Andrew Parnall #stopbrexit #revokeA50forthwith
United Kingdom
Mostly commenting on Toxic Brexit which is taking my country down a path I do not wish to go. No Brexit of any kind. I have a low tolerance of stupidity.
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From @spaceangel1964
This seems more appropriate than ever this week as the #ToryPowerGrab takes hold with #EUWithdrawalBill More than…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@dontbrexitfixit: #Brexit supporters tend to be dim, like @Nigel_Farage (at best an idiot savant). However, its supporters are NeoLiberal globalist scum who'd screw US/UK/FR/DE/IT/ES/etc. into ground to increase profits by 1%. #MAGA #resist @terrychristian