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Kennedy O'Brien
Limerick, Ireland
Yes, it is my first name. Friend to all dogs 🐶| @Policy, @TwitterGov, @NonProfits in @TwitterDublin | @UL Alumnus| #Limerick | All views are my own
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From @Policy
We are looking for a Policy Communications Manager to join our growing team in EMEA! Find out more here
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From @mtarikgns
@Policy I would like to join the team. @kennedy798 @karenwhite
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@mtarikgns: the first qualification to join the #Twitter Team is: are you a pathological liar with no shame whatsoever? @karenwhite & other Twitter employees lie to millions of their users via ghosting. They heavily censor Trump opponents. If you're OK with that, welcome aboard.