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Melinda Byerley
San Francisco, CA
Founder @timesharecmo. #AuditTheVote, Diversity in Tech. Proud blue collar kid. @venturebeat @growthtactics writer. Host, @stayinpodcast, @weird_boss IG: mbinsf
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.@MJB_SF & its @timesharecmo have blocked me, but it didn't block me from its @stayinpodcast account. Question for it: how does its immigration stance differ from that of the Koch bros?
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From @craig_montuori
@MJB_SF @nitashatiku Agreeing with you and expanding, his expertise in immigration is less than the subtopics he spoke on.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Looks like Gramscians like @craig_montuori & @nitashatiku are eating their own - @wadhwa - over diversity. Nature's way. #immigration #lol