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Problematic. Godless Ape. Comedian, Actor, Writer, Director. #TheOffice #Extras #Derek #LifeOnTheRoad #Humanity #DeadlySirius #AfterLife #SuperNature
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.@InkwellRecords @rickygervais: so, when Trump blocks someone & Twitter uses that as a major signal to demote that person, that's OK by you. Twitter heavily censors replies - many from libs - to Trump officials, letting them avoid dissent. You two think that's peachy keen.
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From @rickygervais
Blocking some freak on Twitter isn't censorship. They can carry on saying and doing any weird shit they like. Doesn…
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From @InkwellRecords
@rickygervais I mean, it's not even censorship if *Twitter* ban an individual entirely. People act like they have a…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@InkwellRecords: @rickygervais says "Blocking some freak on Twitter isn't censorship" & you reply 'it's not even censorship if *Twitter* ban an individual entirely'. The goal of blocking is censorship: Twitter uses blocks to demote/promote users. You want censorship.