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Rep. Jacky Rosen
Las Vegas, NV
Congresswoman representing Nevada's 3rd District. #ProblemSolver. Computer programmer. Former synagogue president. #NV03
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.@RepJackyRosen: also, did @Twitter sell itself to you in one way or another as a way to connect with voters? Do you as an elected official support them silencing some of those voters - keeping them from replying to you - just because they don't agree with #Twitter on politics?
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I’m supporting @RepSeanMaloney’s effort to invalidate the @FCC’s ruling that rescinded #NetNeutrality
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.@RepJackyRosen: #NetNeutrality was easy to promote, by engaging Pai etc in debate a la Matthew Petersen. Obviously, #MoveOn couldn't do that because they're strict authoritarians who reject debate. When will you demand *real* (not 'do as I say') debate about the issue? #Nevada