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Johnny Verhovek
Washington, D.C.
Political Reporter for @ABC covering 2020 | @Georgetown grad | Of the PNW, Seahawks, Mariners enthusiast |
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From @BurgosGOP
@JTHVerhovek @MarcACaputo Caputo bench presses like 405 or something. I wouldn’t dare him to “keep going”
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@BurgosGOP: Trump, Biden, etc. etc. are all incredibly vulnerable to their base on their policies. Those like @MarcACaputo *helped Trump win* & now they're helping Biden by hyping a video that makes Biden look good to millions. Caputo lacks the smarts & patriotism to do his job
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From @JTHVerhovek
In gaggle after tense exchange in New Hampton, IA, Biden told @MarcACaputo that he didn't lose his temper with vote…
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From @Catsorange1
@JTHVerhovek @MarcACaputo Biden will get a pass for his Trumpian antics.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Catsorange1: Biden won't just get a pass for his Iowa/Hunter exchange, he'll get lots of votes for standing up to a dumpster diver. Those like @JTHVerhovek *weren't smart enough to stop Trump*. Mull that over for a minute. Trump, a simpleton with childlike plans.