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US Rep. Darren Soto
Kissimmee, Florida
Proudly representing Central Florida's 9th District: Osceola County and parts of Orange and Polk counties. Official Account
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.@repdarrensoto: tip: do *NOT* post pics of @CarmenYulinCruz cheering the arrival of Pampers. #MAGA #resist #PuertoRico
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.@repdarrensoto: prove Trump wrong! Post pics of #PuertoRico building stills, digging wells, foraging, Boy Scouts tasks, etc. #MAGA #resist
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In #NYT, @repdarrensoto says Trump saying #PuertoRico isn't doing enough to help itself won't be forgotten. Prove him wrong! #MAGA #resist
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Conversando con el congresista de Florida @RepDarrenSoto sobre la atención que necesita PR tras el paso de María.Ag…
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.@ricardorossello @RepDarrenSoto: why can't #PuertoRico distill water, forage for food, etc.? Nothing makes you/Trump/FEMA look good.