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Jesus first. Then the president. Then the trolls.
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Nancy Pelosi never really wanted impeachment. Now, she seems resigned to her fate, writes Todd S. Purdum:
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From @KenGoldsholl
@TheAtlantic If the Democrats didn’t try to hold Trump accountable they would be no different than the GOP. They had to impeach.
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From @Jimwils01571685
@TheAtlantic She knows it won’t get through the senate.
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From @samvega
@TheAtlantic We can always depend on our Democratic establishment for leadership, if we force them and give them su…
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.@KenGoldsholl: as the "Co-founder [transact dot io, postd dot io * notd dot io]", can you think of a smarter way to hold Trump accountable than impeachment? Can any of your engineers? Can anyone you know? If you can't, how could anyone smart invest in your ventures?
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.@samvega: remember "Drumpf"? How'd that work out? Everything Dems/ #TheResistance have done against Trump is just as smart as "Drumpf". The smart way to undercut him is to point out to his base how his plans would fail them. Why haven't Dems done that? Why haven't you urged it?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Making Trump a victim of Deep State machinations. GOP probably has ads ready. @TheAtlantic lacks the smarts, patriotism, & integrity to go after Trump where he's vulnerable (where he & Jobs agree) MT @Jimwils01571685 [Pelosi] knows [impeachment] won’t get through the senate