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Sacramento, CA
#RESIST! #Veteran, USAF. 🇺🇸Advocate #StrongerTogether #HigherEd 🖖🏻Animal-loving, aspiring vegan INTJ 🚴🏻Tikkun olam ~ Tantum eruditi sunt liberi #GoDodgers
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.@ReidMilburn: correct me if I got the dates wrong, but did I miss your reply to my "3000 Americans & 10 illegal aliens" question?
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.@ReidMilburn: 3000 Americans & 10 illegal aliens apply for 2000 UCLA slots. If even 1 illegal alien gets in, what happens at the same time?
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.@ReidMilburn: yes, it is an either/or issue. See For Steinberg specifically:
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RT @24AheadDotCom: .@ReidMilburn: @proTemSteinberg wants to deprive some US citizens of college in order to give them to foreign citizens. …
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@reidmilburn: I'm sure you run into willing/able ppl who want to attend college but can't due to finances, right?