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Sudeep Reddy
Washington, D.C.
@Politico managing editor. Former @WSJ economics editor and @DallasNews reporter. Adjunct faculty @HoyaJournalism | sreddy-at-politico-dot-com
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RT @Reddy: “Ideology is great, but data is better,” says @NeelKashkari (former engineer, banker, Treasury official, politician) https://t.c…
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.@BarbaraatEA: FYI, here's audio of @neelkashkari smearing me rather than answering my questions: He has issues.
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.@Reddy: your wages stat just shows the danger of immigration restrictions. If we had open borders wages would go up, up, and up! #WSJ
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RT @Reddy The typical male worker in the U.S. earned less in 2014 than in 1973 (adjusted for inflation)